Saturday, February 11, 2017


I'm back with another Chuu review! This time I'll be reviewing the super cute bow-themed Estherloveschuu season 3 and Chuu's new brand, Melting Heart!

First things first, I take back what I said about Chuu being super fast in my last review. This order took three weeks to come. So when ordering from Chuu, be sure to wait a couple weeks before ordering newer released collections, because I placed my order a week after the Estherloveschuu collection came out and only one day after Melting Heart.

Now let's see what I got!

Melting Heart Suspenders Dress
This is probably my favorite item in the order. The little bow details are adorable, and the embroidery (especially the little heart!) is to die for. I love the combination of pink and navy that Melting Heart features in all their garments (besides the red and white sweaters they released for Christmas). This dress looks too cute with a white sweater and beret. My only complaint is that I expected it to be an A-line shape, but it's really pencil shaped, which I think is kind of weird for the style of dress. It's also an inch or two too long for my liking so I might hem it slightly.

I'm a big fan of babydoll dresses so I really like this a lot! It's really comfortable and a great way to effortlessly look cute on a lazy day. The best think about this dress is that even though it's one size, it's roomy enough to comfortably fit a variety of sizes; I'm an XS/S and it fits me baggy and loose, and I could totally see it fitting someone who wears an XL with a more shape-hugging fit. This dress looks adorable with pink leggings underneath!

As you guys know I'm a huge fan of sailor collars, so naturally I was excited to see Chuu design a sailor dress! The neckline isn't very stretchy and a bit hard to pull over your head, but other than that the dress is adorable. I'm not super in love with the heart embroideries on the front, however I really like the logo embroidery on the back! I also think the piping on the collar is really unique, since most sailor collars are trimmed with a ribbon. 

Estherloveschuu Ribbon Knit (in baby pink and light purple)
There's no denying these sweaters are just too cute. First of all, the whole "bunnies and bows" theme of the collection is definitely the cutest theme out of any collaboration that Esther's done with any brand, ever. The colors of the sweaters are lovely, and the embroideries are very high quality! These sweaters are very versatile but look best layered over a ruffle or lace neck blouse and paired with a tennis skirt or A-line skirt.

When I saw that this collection had a bunny BERET, I couldn't contain myself. Berets are my absolute favorite accessory and I cannot believe that I can now add one to my collection featuring an adorable Esther bunny! This beret is super easy to style and I highly recommend it as a great addition to any outfit!

I bought this adorable little pouch to store money or makeup on the go (I never have much of either on me, LMAO) and I was not disappointed! The fur is really soft and a nice shade of pale blush. Not to mention the bunny zipper, aka the CUTEST thing ever! This pouch fits perfectly in my go-to bag (quilted bunny crossbody from F21, which I highly recommend for someone who doesn't need to carry much around like me!) and is perfect for money and change, small makeup items, and other small necessities!

Thanks for reading! Up next is another Esther Loves Oaf review (because I have no self-control), so be sure to check it out soon!

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