Tuesday, January 31, 2017


If you follow me on my pink feed Instagram, you'll know I'm the BIGGEST fan of artist Esther Kim, AKA Estherlovesyou. So naturally, I was incredibly excited to see her collaborate with one of my favorite brands, Lazy Oaf. I've never purchased from Lazy Oaf until this point but I had a little money saved up and decided to treat myself!

The theme of the collaboration collection is 90s sportswear, which I found creative and adorable. I love the style of the 80s and 90s, and to see a collection that was actually reminiscent of 90s style was really exciting (most brands or collections that claim to be "90s inspired" rarely incorporate the actual trends of the era). I could only afford one item from the collection, so I decided on the Sports Bunny Dress. If you want to buy it or any other items from the collection, I suggest acting soon - in less than a week, half of them were already gone, and Lazy Oaf says they're not restocking! (Minus some stock on Dollskill coming soon, which I assume will be overpriced, limited, and will go as fast, if not faster, than the stock on Lazy Oaf's website did)

Let's take a look at the dress!

The package included a few cute stickers and card from their Disney collaboration collection!

The party sticker is adorable minus the fact that it reminds me of my entire childhood. Anyway!

Very cute tags on the dress!

Here's the full dress! The colors are more pastel in real life than in the photos. Also, the trim around the edges and on the neck kinda looks white but it's a lovely shade of blush pink!

The quality of the embroidery is a little less than what I'd expect from a popular higher-end brand. There's multiple loose, frayed threads coming out. Nevertheless, it's still cute!

The heart zipper is a really cute detail!

The velour fabric is super, super soft. It's really high quality and has good stretch. One of the things I don't like about this dress is the length. I'm 5'1" and it almost goes down to my knees! Lazy Oaf neglected to consider their short customers when they designed this..... As a result this dress only looks good on me when I wear it with heeled or platform shoes, which kinda sucks because it would look adorable with a basic pair of sneakers. I would hem it but I'm literally terrified to alter anything that cost me over $50 (The dress was $80 including shipping!). I'm not the only one who thinks so either; I've already seen multiple Depop listings for this dress, citing that the customers didn't like the length.

Overall, I really like the dress! I just wish that Lazy Oaf would keep their shorter customers in mind when designing! (Generally, mini dresses or skirts should be designed so that they reach the fingertips on an average sized person, so that they're just slightly long on short people and slightly short on tall people. However, as you can see in the product photos, it reaches the tall model's fingertips, making it slightly long on average people and way too long on short people! I can't help that I'm the size of a 12-year-old :-((

Thanks for reading! If you liked this review, my review of this season of Estherloveschuu is coming soon!

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