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I'm especially excited for today's review, as it covers the miracle to all style lovers known as the American Apparel Factory Store!

This recently introduced branch of American Apparel's online store sells dead stock (unsold items from discontinued designs or old collections) at super clearance prices! And when I say super clearance, I mean it: most of the items are priced at $10-15, no matter what the original price was, making some of them over 75% off! They also have a 40% off sitewide sale! I saved hundreds of dollars, and the deals are so good that I went back and did another smaller order soon after the first, both of which I'll include in this post.

Now, before I begin, I'd just like to mention that due to American Apparel's bankruptcy, they unfortunately no longer ship worldwide. They've also closed down or are in the process of closing down all their physical stores (yes, even the ones in the US). I don't think there's any word so far on whether they will continue to release new items via their online store or whether their online store will be eventually shut down altogether. At least for now, let's take advantage of the major deals happening on their website and in their remaining stores.

Since a good majority of the items I bought are now out of stock, I will not be linking any of them (I think only one of them is still on the site). Also, two of the items I bought were not actually from the factory store, just on sale (they are the ones I included three prices for: original, sale price, and promo code price, since the promo code did not work on factory store items).

Let's take a look at what I got!



Woven Jelly Sandal (originally $45, bought for $7)
I really needed a new pair of sandals since spring and summer are (vaguely) around the corner, and these adorable jelly sandals are perfect! I love that they have a heel because being 5'1" is not fun, you guys (especially being 5'1" as a boy and having to deal with the fact that most people consider 5'8" short for a boy!) and I need all the extra height I can get. One thing I noticed about these sandals is that both pairs had a very light purple substance all over them, almost making it look like a paint splatter design. It rubbed off really easily and I credit it to however long they've been sitting in AA's warehouse, but would it kill them to give the shoes a quick wipe before they send them out?

Velvet Crop Tee (originally $36, bought for $18)
For some reason, three of the items I ordered were not packaged in bags, and all three of those items happened to be made of velvet. I don't know if that's just a coincidence, but if it's not, that's really weird?

That aside, this top is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the icy blue color makes me look like a king of snow, and also reminds me of my cold dead heart. It was a little tight on me despite it being a small, which usually fit fine on me (keep in mind I'm between a XS and S). This option was the only one made of crushed velvet instead of normal velvet, which I believe is due to it being a completely separate item, but AA grouping them together on the factory store since they're so similar (I've seen a variety of this in white and multicolor tie dye on Depop, and I know that AA has their PVC circle skirt and their plaid circle skirt together on the factory store). Despite it being a cropped tee, this top really gives off nice snowy winter vibes (my favorite!), which perfectly coincides with the release of Jessica Jung's "Wonderland", purchasable on iTunes and streamable on Spotify. Stan the queen of winter. Stan Jessica Jung.

Stretch Velvet Skirt (originally $46, bought for $23)
This skirt is nice and basic, and matches many of the tops in my wardrobe. It has a lovely sheen, which you can't really see in my photos. Despite it having an elastic waistband, it feels tight when I wear it, due to the elastic being slightly tough and not as stretchable as the elastic normally used in waistbands. This skirt is actually longer than most of my skirts, going about 2 inches past my fingertips (most of my skirts land at my fingertips). I'm mad because they lowered the price of this skirt by $8 a day after I bought it, but there's nothing to be done.

Stretch Velvet Babydoll Dress (originally $60, bought for $15)
I've actually been meaning to buy this dress for over a year, from back when it was on AA's regular site for full price, to when I almost bought it off Poshmark (twice), to when I almost bought it off Depop, to now. I can't believe I never bought it, because I'm in love! First of all, let's talk about the silhouette of the dress; babydoll dresses always make anyone look so cute, and not the "cute" that's usually used to describe clothes, but more so the "cute" that's usually used to describe bunnies and those powder puffs with the little bows on them. And the color is the most gorgeous lilac, though I will mention that I wish it was as light as the product picture. I wore this the other day and I think I received more compliments than I have on any other garment in my wardrobe!

Printed Tennis Skirt (originally $65, bought for $15)
This is the first tennis skirt I've ever purchased from AA, and I will say this: it's the same exact quality as the cheaper alternatives I've tried from Mixxmix and Chuu, so if you're looking to buy basic colors, try them instead. However, since this is a unique pattern (and it was on clearance, obviously), I'm very happy with it! Since my wardrobe is 90%  pink and red it matches almost everything I own. I would recommend pairing it with a sweater and a beret for a super cute Parisian look.

(omg my thumb please come collect me I'm someone's dad now)

Zip Front Vinyl A-Line Mini Skirt (originally $42, bought for $15)
This skirt was a little bit of a daring purchase. It's a little more.....unique? than the rest of my wardrobe, but I figured that at $15, it was hardly a risk. While it is about an inch too long for my liking (I would hem it but I've never sewn with vinyl and I'm too scared), I do overall like this skirt a lot! The color is adorable, and it kind of reminds me of that 2012-Katy-Perry-neon-pastel-mismatched aesthetic that I may or may not lowkey miss. You can wear this skirt with the zipper in the front or back, depending on whatever looks best with the outfit, which is a huge plus!

(sorry for the lighting differences, I took those on two different days, the second one being after I put new super fluorescent lights in my room....)

Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat (originally $74, bought for $15)
Okay. Holy shit, I need to breathe. I cannot put into words how obsessed I am with this skirt.

First of all, let's discuss the color. It's called ballet pink (how cute is that?) and it's like a pink-toned light orange. There's a few different layers of the skirt, which can be reversed to adjust how poofy you want it to be (one side has more ruffles than the other). The material is SO SOFT and light, and I love how flouncy the skirt is. I am not kidding when I say that I've never loved a skirt more in my life. Only two colors of this skirt were in stock on the site, but many were originally made, so I promptly bought the other color in my second order, and I'm looking for more on Depop and Poshmark (so far I've only found white, black, and mint, but I'm desperately hoping to someday find purple).

In conclusion, never date me because I will never love anything more than this skirt. Bye.


Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat (originally $74, bought for $15)
Here's the second of my most favorite skirt in the world, this time in a lovely raspberry color! I don't own anything in this color so it adds some variety to my wardrobe. I don't really have much else to comment on other than the color since I just reviewed the other aspects of the skirt above.

Metallic Dancing Shoes (originally $?, sale price $20, bought for $12 with promo code)
I don't spend money on shoes often but these were so cute at such a good deal I couldn't resist! Once upon a time I was OBSESSED with holographic things but my interests drifted away from them. Nevertheless these shoes still caught my eye and I love them a lot! They're a bit tight on me but only because I'm a half size and they only came in whole-number sizes, and I always size down when shoes aren't available in half sizes because big clunky shoes are one of my worst pet peeves. Since they're silver they'll match a lot of different colors, outfit, and styles; I can tell they'll quickly become my go-to shoes!

Nylon Spandex Stretch Lace Legging (originally $42, bought for $8)
These leggings function more as footless tights. They're definitely sturdier than other lace tights I've seen! They look adorable underneath almost any skirt and are a great addition to spice up any outfit. I was under the impression they'd be more white, but they're actually a lovely cream ivory color. They're really cheap and cute and I highly recommend them!

Fuzzy Cropped Sweater (originally $65, sale price $29, bought for $17 with promo code)
This sweater is from AA's Cali Sun & Fun collection. It's very soft and fuzzy, and super comfortable. Since it's just a plain ivory color it matches with almost anything. It looks especially adorable with a baby pink skirt. There isn't much else to say but I highly recommend it!

I recommend taking advantage of these deals while you can, since we may not be able to order from American Apparel at all very soon. If you have a store near you, it might be useful to pop in, because they might have other deals going on, or some items that aren't available online!

Thanks for reading! Not that I ever received anything on my ask.fm (thanks) but I am now asking that any questions be directed to my Curiouscat! (Please send me questions I need attention)

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