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CHUU REVIEW (+ estherloveschuu)

I'm back! Today I'll be reviewing a shop called Chuu! Chuu is a very popular k-fashion store that is a bit similar to Mixxmix in style. I was motivated to try Chuu by the fact that they did two collab collections with my favorite artist in the world, Esther Kim, aka estherlovesyou! They also have a great collection of skirts called 5 Youth, some of which are the ever-so-popular pleated skirts, that come in many colors and are affordable. Chuu carries clothing that is a range of prices. Their clothes are either super affordable or pretty expensive with almost no in between. At least they have affordable items! (cough cough Mixxmix, stop driving up your prices). Chuu also has affordable shipping compared to other kfashion websites. The shipping costs $9, but you get free shipping if you spend $200 or more. The shipping is also super fast! I placed my order on a Thursday and recieved it today, a Tuesday. Usually, Mixxmix takes a little over a week to ship. So if you need clothes fast, try Chuu!

Before we get started, I'd quickly like to mention my new pink feed instagram! Please follow, it's suuuper cute. Now, let's see what I bought!

5 Youth Skirt Vol. 4 in yellow
I love the sunshiney color of this skirt so much! Unfortunately, it makes me miss summer a bit...... Bright yellow always reminds me of one of my favorite groups in the world, Astro, so if they ever perform a solo concert in New York, you'll see me there wearing this! (and sobbing......I love Astro so much......I would die for Astro...........I own a signed copy of Spring Up and it is my prized possession..........)
This volume of 5 Youth is meant to be a summer version of a pleated skirt, so the material is very light. I think it would only be see-thru if you tucked a dark colored top into it, but I'm not so sure I'd pair a dark color with bright yellow.
I'm not sure if I'm keeping the tag on the skirt or not! It does add a nice touch, but only to SOME outfits. It is sewn on so it's meant to be left on, but the stitches are very wide, so it would take me 2 seconds to remove with a seam ripper if I decide to take it off. (Not saying I wouldn't be able to take it off if the stitches were short, it'd just take me, like, 3 hours. Short stitches are hell to remove. Never turn the stitch length on your sewing machine on the lowest setting, kids.)
Next spring and summer, this will be a staple in my wardrobe. If only I didn't have to wait almost a whole year.....

5 Youth Skirt Vol. 1 in deep pink
This is the 4th pink pleated skirt I've bought. Sue me. (They're all different shades!)
I tend to stick with either pastel colors or dark colors in my wardrobe. I don't really own many other middle ground colors......nevertheless, this is a gorgeous color. The material is a little thicker than the vol. 4 skirt, since it isn't specifically made for the summer.
I'm pretty sure I'll keep the tag on this one. I mostly want to remove the tag on the yellow one because it would interject pink into an outfit that doesn't need it. But since this skirt is already pink itself, the tag won't really do much!
I don't have too much to wear this with, but I want to. I'll be on the lookout for tops that match this skirt. For now, it goes well with enough to be able to wear it vaguely often!

Estherloveschuu Bunny Tee
Now on to the estherloveschuu items! First up is this simple graphic tee featuring Esther's signature bunny. I really like the simplicity of the tee, as well as the hearts next to the writing. They add a really nice touch! I like that the design is screen printed, so it won't crack after washing it.
The shirt is really unnecessarily long. Usually, shirts are only this long if they're one-size unisex, but I'm not so sure this shirt is meant to be unisex (yes, I am a boy, yes, I bought this shirt. I'm talking from Chuu's design standpoint. I'm pretty sure that it's designed to be for girls). I wish the design was printed higher up as well, because tucking it into a skirt causes it to cut off about halfway through "Chuu".
One of my favorite things about this shirt is how easy it is to pair! It matches just about every single skirt I own. This is definitely a good shirt to wear on a day that I'm to lazy to put together my outfit!

Estherloveschuu Crop Tee
This is the only item from the estherloveschuu summer collection I bought (the rest are from the fall). I've been eyeing this top since it was first released, and I'm so glad I bought it when I did, because the next day it went out of stock!
The top is very, very small, which is a benefit to me, since I'm very, very small! It's longer than I thought it would be, probably because I didn't take into consideration that the models are taller than me and it would land higher up on them than it would on me.
I really love the colors that were used on this top. Pink and white are one of my favorite combos! I also really like how the raglan sleeves are white and the body is pink, as it is usually the opposite. It makes the top even cuter and more unique!
I'm sad that this top is out of stock and they're likely not restocking it (unless there's high demand, because I think a member of IOI wore it recently?), because I would love to recommend this to all of you. Keep a look out, you never know if they might restock it!

Estherloveschuu Knit in sky blue
This sweater was expensive, but worth it! I love the adorable design on it (I know everyone's all crazy about how "aesthetic" peaches are, but personally, my favorite is cherries, as you can tell by my IG username!). I love the color combo; the light blue plus the pink writing plus the red cherries is a color scheme I never thought I'd love.
Let's talk about the size of the sweater. It's one size, but the fit and length is that of a small. This is really great for me, as one size items are usually meant to fit a medium or large and are ALWAYS super big on me, but this sweater fits perfectly! I love tops that are short enough that I actually get to choose whether to tuck it in or not!
The sweater reminds me more of jfashion, which is super cute and I'd love to get into (though it does tend to be more expensive, and less shops ship internationally). If you have the money to buy this, I highly recommend it!

Estherloveschuu iPhone Case in pink
I've needed a new case for sooo long (my old one literally broke in half and has been taped together for 6 months). I finally coughed up the money to buy one, and I'm really pleased! The design is super cute and it's not too hard to get on and off. However, it gives a lot less coverage than my old case, so I'll have to be more cautious handling my phone!


Honey Bun

Strawberry Bun
 Skirt: 99bunny (no longer available)

Cool Summer
Skirt: Mixxmix


Cherry Heart
Skirt: Mixxmix

Cherry Cake
Skirt: Mixxmix

Top: Mixxmix

Lonely Heart
Top: Mixxmix

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