Tuesday, September 27, 2016

AHOY! Sailor Collars and Nautical Looks

Today I thought I'd discuss my absolute favorite trend: nautical style. I don't know what it is that draws me to this style; perhaps that I've spent my whole life in a beach town? Or my undying love for girl groups, who are constantly seen flaunting sailor collar blouses and navy pleated skirts? Whatever it is, I'm hooked. I may or may not have way too many sailor shirts.

Sailor collars were first worn by the British Royal Navy and soon made appearances in the style world. Though tops, jackets, and dresses featuring sailor collars aren't often seen at popular retailers much anymore, it's part of what makes them likable; who doesn't love cute vintage style?

Nautical fashion isn't limited to sailor collars either (though it's what my wardrobe mostly consists of). Pretty much almost any combination of white and navy can give off the marine look. Here are some of my favorite nautical coords:

This navy sailor zip-up jacket featuring an embroidery is one of my favorite things in the world. It's so soft, and I love the length (it's not "cropped" per say, but definitely shorter than most zip up jackets, which is really good for me because I'm so short). Not going to lie, what originally prompted me to buy this was that it looked so similar to something that Min Yoongi wore during "I Need U" promotions. But I probably would have bought it anyway if he hadn't, because it's just SO CUTE. I like to pair this jacket with a simple tee and a white denim skirt.

This navy sailor top is one of my favorites; it matches almost anything and it's super super cute. I love to pair this with a medium/dark wash denim skirt or high waisted shorts for an effortless marine look. I usually pick this outfit as my go-to for the beach (despite living my whole life on the ocean, I....don't like to swim. But I still love to go to the beach to read and relax!).

One of the things I love about this striped tie-up sleeveless top is the material. It's a bit cool to the touch and is polyester so you don't have to worry about sweating your ass off and soaking the shirt. Besides the material, the appearance of the shirt is just too cute. It's got sleeve-like ties in the front to mock the look of a cardigan tied around your neck, and a little sailor collar in the back. I really love the stripes; navy and white stripes always give off a classic nautical vibe. This top looks best with a white pleated skirt.

This ivory sailor top with anchor buttons was actually the first sailor shirt I purchased. I was planning on buying it in navy, but just my luck, navy went out of stock just hours before I went online to buy it. Figures. I bought it in ivory anyway and I'm still happy with it! I'm just lowkey hoping Mixxmix will restock it again someday, because I still really want the navy one. I usually pair this with high waisted shorts, but my favorite coord of this is with a navy striped pleated skirt.

Who says nautical style has to end in the summer? I know most people equate beach visits with hot weather, but others who live at the shore will know how great a nice fall or winter beach visit is. The cool sand, the grey skies, THE CROWDS ARE GONE......it's wonderful. This coord, featuring an ivory sailor collar sweater and a navy pleated skirt, totally gives of cold weather beach vibes. I usually opt to tuck in my tops, since my height either causes my skirt to disappear under the length of my skirt, or my shirt to fall really low on my skirt leaving only a few inches peaking out which makes my body look long and awkward. However, the length of this top allows for me to leave it untucked, and I think it's a lot cuter that way too.

I hope you took some inspiration from these coords! You can trust me on this, I live in a beach town where everything is nautical themed. This is my area of expertise. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, try some of these looks out in the coming summer!

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