Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some Q's


I'm here for my first blog post! I asked my followers to send fashion-related questions to my Tumblr and after a bit of pestering they came through! So here I am to answer your pressing questions :~)

What's a color that you think would look good on any article of clothing?

I think cream is a really nice and versatile color! It works well on cardigans, sweatshirts, blouses, skirts, etc. I also really really love baby blue, it takes up most of my wardrobe. I tend to add items to my wishlist just because they come in baby blue even if I don't like the item lmao.

What do you think of the 90's style?

I love 90's style! I'm a huge fan of color blocks and unusual color combinations which were very popular in the 90's. I always find myself envying the characters' clothes when I watch 80's or 90's sitcoms. I'd say the most 90's item I own is this, especially paired with overalls.

Favorite clothing piece?

I'd have to say my O!Oi Cotton Candy Striped Knit Sweater. It was really expensive and it was worn by Seventeen's Woozi and  Red Velvet's Seulgi so I'm pretty proud to own it. Also it's really cute :~)

When's your shop opening?

Hopefully in the fall! I might wait until I get a job around October-November, or I might just go ahead and start it in September. I'm trying to get a good amount of followers on the Instagram page before I officially open the shop so pretty soon I'm going to begin posting the art/designs I'll be selling. To help out, you can follow the page, give a shoutout or tell your friends (when I start posting of course lol, it's blank right now), and of course, buy the items when I open the shop! Every purchase helps because the more purchases I get, the more I save on wholesale shirts (it's gonna be American Apparel don't worry you guys are getting top quality <3). And the more I save, the more I can help my shop expand. And the more my shop expands, the more original designs from-scratch (rather than my art embroidered on AA tees) I can sell. Also I'm cute and so are my designs. Your call :~)

Do you prefer dresses or skirts?

Skirts! I feel like they give me more freedom to create an outfit. Also if a skirt looks too long or too short on me, I can just pull it up higher or lower on my waist. But if a dress looks too short or long on me, unless it's an overall dress with adjustable straps, I can't fix the length.

Do you have any fashion points/tips?

99% of the time, a navy top and a black skirt/pants (or vice versa) don't look good together! Pink and white are a really, really good color combination! Wear a white or pastel long sleeve button down under a sweatshirt, letting the collar and cuffs (if the sleeves aren't too long) peek out! White skirts look cute with white tops but only if they're the same white, if they're even *slightly* different it looks awful! If you're looking for a simple way to spruce up your outfit, tie a bandana around your neck like this, it matches almost anything especially a button down! Don't wear a denim shirt or jacket with a denim skirt/jeans! Cardigans are great with a tee/blouse and a skirt and they keep you very warm!

Do you have a favorite pattern? Like grid or stripes?

I would actually say that grid is my favorite pattern, but I only own one grid thing ;( I've been meaning to get a grid skirt like the one from American Apparel (it's sold out but there's tons on Depop). I also really like pinstripes!

Fav piece from Mixxmix?

I would have to say their Classic Pleat Tennis Skirt. I own it in sky blue and it's the cutest color in the world. I'm actually about to buy a couple more because they're having a back to school sale as well as their bi-monthly twins sale!

What are some good online shops you recommend that don't cost a ton?

66girls and Bullang are Korean fashion stores similar to Mixxmix but cheaper. I would say that if you're going to buy from these shops, though, save your money up and buy in bulk to save on shipping. The good thing about Bullang is that they're not too popular so their items don't sell out fast. They also stock some of the same items as Mixxmix (and no, not Hide & Seek dupes like a lot of other stores, the actual same exact items. I think 66girls does as well). Yesstyle is also a cute and very affordable place to shop and they have a HUGE selection because they house many different individual shops. But you have to read a shop's reviews before you purchase or else you could end up purchasing something that completely falls apart after you put it in the wash.

What basics do you recommend picking up for a fashion style such as yours?

Pleated skirts are my wardrobe staple. You can buy them at all the shops I listed above. I think I own about 10, and I'm about to buy a few more during Mixxmix's sale.... Basic denim skirts and raglan tees are also a must. I also really like button down shirts, especially those with a mandarin collar. And in the colder weather, I like to add a cardigan or a cropped zip up hoodie (Mixxmix has two nice ones, and AA has one too).

Something that you would never wear again?

Not something that I own, but once in H&M I tried on a rather figure-hugging thin knit sweater. It just brought so much attention to my stick arms and it was awful, and now I stick to baggier & chunkier sweaters lol.

Do you follow fashion trends easily?

Yes and no. If I see a trend arise that fits my style (for example, sailor collar tops have grown in popularity lately), I'll flock to it immediately. But just general fashion trends, like how crochet shorts are really popular this summer, not really. I'm not really the kind of person who fits a lot of different styles.

How do you style dresses in a cute way? When I wear a dress I look really plain.

I feel the same way! I don't buy a lot of dresses because I don't have as much freedom to construct an outfit. When I wear a skirt or pants, I get to pick a top that goes with it, and then I can add a jacket, and shoes and accessories. But with dresses, it's like, just the dress and the shoes and accessories (I could add a jacket but I don't think they look good with dresses). That's why when I buy dresses, I try to pick out pinafores or spaghetti strap dresses. It's still not as much freedom as you get with a skirt or pants, but you can at least pick out a top to go underneath. I mainly use dresses that aren't pinafores as an outfit for a day where I'm tired and don't feel like picking things that match. I gave a tip earlier to wear a bandana with your outfit, I'd say try that out! A choker or scarf can also give the same effect. If you're someone who doesn't rip tights easily, try to get a few pairs in fun patterns. I've seen all sorts of patterns sold on sites like Storenvy and Etsy. I could never try that because I need to buy new tights almost weekly....

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to send them to me here! I can help with things like:

  • if you're looking for something specific (ex. a green sweatshirt with a cute design), or general (ex. something to wear for fall)
  • if you need help trying to style an item (you could ask a general question, like how to style a denim skirt, or if you own/want a certain item that you don't know how to style, you could link me to it)
  • something similar to an item you want that's out of your price range
  • other fashion related questions! Please let me know!
Depending on how in-depth the question is, I'll answer on Tumblr or in a post here! If you have any personal questions about me, my interests, etc (basically anything that doesn't have to do with fashion), please visit my!

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