Monday, August 22, 2016


For my first review, I thought I'd talk about a service called Koreanbuddy! Koreanbuddy is a service that allows you to order items from Korea that don't ship internationally. I personally haven't tried any other services like this, but I've heard from people who have that Koreanbuddy is the fastest and cheapest. And while I can't vouch for that myself, I will say that they are very cheap!

I used Koreanbuddy to order two shirts from Mixxmix's domestic website that were unavailable on the international website. I filled out their order form and received an invoice shortly after. The first quote was only for the items from Mixxmix and the domestic shipping, which totalled to $44.53. Once I paid the invoice, they ordered the items for me. We communicated a few times regarding payment options and shipping costs and they were very helpful.

After almost two weeks I started to wonder why my package hadn't arrived with them yet. If it takes one week for Mixxmix to ship to me when I order from their international website, there was no reason for it to take longer to ship domestically. I messaged them about it and it turns out, they received my item and forgot to tell me. Who knows how long they had it before I messaged them....

They gave 3 choices for shipping: $28.65 for EMS, $22.24 for airmail, and $11.82 for registered mail. I believe this cost is technically the actual shipping fee added to the Koreanbuddy fee (10% of the cost of your order, or $9 if it's under $90). I was very surprised at how cheap it was! They said that registered mail had no tracking number but I picked it anyway due to being broke..... as it turns out, once they shipped the package, they sent me a tracking number? Of course I was happy about it but I'm really confused as to why they would say it didn't have one.....

The tracking turned out to be awful, but the mailing service is to blame for that. It was never updated after it left the outward office of exchange. As you can see, even a month after it arrived, it still was never updated........Maybe this always happens, and that's why they told me there was no tracking number?

When my package arrived I was thoroughly confused since I thought it was still in Korea, but needless to say I was very excited!

My items arrived safely and I was very happy with them!

Overall, I would rate Koreanbuddy 8/10. I definitely want to use their service again in the future and I would recommend them.

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  1. The reason why the tracking wasn't updated was because if you choose regular mail the tracking only works when the package is in Korea.