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Recently, Mixxmix held a back-to-school sale, offering 10% off storewide! It was an offer I couldn't pass up. Pairing it with Twins Day, Mixxmix's bimonthly sale that offers 22% off when you buy two or more of any item, I saved big. With $67.73 in discounts and $71.60 in rewards points (I had an item refunded from my previous order, and due to issues with Paypal they had to credit me in rewards points), I might call this my most successful Mixxmix order. Here's what I got:

99bunny I AM Backpack in blue
I love this backpack a lot! I specifically got it looking for something a bit smaller, as I am not taking as many classes this year due to my half day vocational program. It's very good quality, which is surprising because it's so cheap! The color of the backpack is really cute. It's got a nice little pouch on the inside that would be good for small items like phone, keys, makeup, etc.

Embroidered Flower Detail Knit Cardigan in ivory
This cardigan is so lovely. It's nice and warm, so it will be perfect for when the weather starts to get cold. It's also very soft and not itchy at all, which some chunky knit cardigans and sweaters tend to be. The little embroidered flowers add a delightful, unique touch to the cardigan. The color is a very pretty creamy color. I don't usually buy things $40 or over but this is definitely worth the money.

A-Line Mini Skirt in ivory
This skirt is very versatile! It matches almost anything. One thing I liked about this skirt is that it's a little roomy (a 13.4 inch waist width is pretty generous for a small). I tend to have trouble tucking sweaters and sweatshirts into A-line skirts like this, because the material is always very firm. But since the waist of this skirt is on the bigger side, I was actually able to tuck one of my thickest sweatshirts into it! One of the things I liked about this skirt is that is was a genuine white color. Most white skirts and pants are more of an off-white, but this skirt is truly, truly white.

Sleeveless Striped Tie-Up Neck Top in navy (I had to unfold this, it was folded awkwardly)
I love clothes that give off a nautical feel, so this top is perfect. The material is super light and is perfect for summer. It's also that kind of material that's a bit cool to the touch. This top is definitely something that'll be perfect to wear on a hot summer day. Summer's almost over now, but my school doesn't have air conditioning and is basically a fiery death pit so I'm sure I'll get to wear this a few times during the first couple weeks. The shirt features a short sailor collar which leads into the mock-sleeve ties in the front. The ties were a lot thinner in width than I thought they'd be, but that's actually better since they're less heavy.

BAUHAUS Embroidered Detail Round Collar Shirt in white
This is definitely my favorite item in the order, and one of my favorite items that I own. The material is extremely soft. I absolutely love the collar; the front looks like a regular Peter Pan collar but the back is a sailor collar! The embroidery is adorable too, although I think it would look better if the thread color had been more of a pale yellow rather than a mustard color. The sleeves go a bit past my elbow and are a little wide but it honestly works with the top (my arms are so thin, I usually reject anything that has wide sleeves). I'm so tempted to buy this in navy too.

HIDE AND SEEK Contrast Sleeve Henley Shirt in sky blue
This top is really nice and simple. I was expecting it to be huge on me but it was actually just long, the width wasn't huge and neither was the sleeve length! I love the thickness of the henley collar and the buttons, which are larger and more pronounced than most henley neck shirts. This top is really nice because it can give off a lot of different vibes; I could pair it with jeans for a casual, laid back look, or a pink skirt for a pastel, cutesy look, or a black or denim skirt for a cool, minimalistic look. The fabric is a bit stiff so I'll probably run it through the wash or steam it before I wear it.

HIDE AND SEEK Embroidered Word Detail Sweatshirt in flower
This top is adorable. It's comfy and it works well with almost any skirt or bottom. It's larger than I thought it would be? But it's still a lovely shirt. It's nice because it matches a skirt I own that I bought last Christmas that I haven't gotten to wear yet since I didn't own anything that matches it. On a lazy day I could grab this shirt and almost any skirt and still head off to school looking like I genuinely put effort into the outfit. The embroidery on the shirt is really beautiful as well.

Point Collar Colored Shirt in pink and ivory
This is a really basic and versatile piece. I bought ivory to wear underneath sweatshirts and pink to wear on its own or underneath a cardigan. I love the color of the pink. It's almost like a blush pink and it's really pretty. I like this top a lot because the fit and the material are reminiscent of men's shirts. I always find that women's button down shirts are some weird silky or see-through material, have a fit that's way too thin, and don't even come with a top button. I admire the plain cotton material and straight-cut fit of men's button down shirts, but unfortunately, I'm like an XXS in men's. But this shirt is exactly what I was looking for and I'm very happy!

Classic Pleat Tennis Skirt in camel, black, and apricot pink
Behold, the namesake of this blog! I thought it was catchy. Anyway, I don't have much to say about this skirt. I already own it in sky blue so I don't have any comments about the quality or fit. Camel and apricot pink are a bit darker in real life. I don't really mind though! There's nothing really to say about black, I mean it's.....black. Camel is a lovely chocolately color, and it's very easy to pair with a top. Apricot pink is very nice, though I wish it had been as pastel as the stock photo is. On one of the looks it was used in for Mixxmix's model photos, it looks almost like a beige pink. In another, it was a basic pastel pink. In reality, the color is in between! It's definitely got beige undertones which is what I was hoping for, but it's also nice and light. The colors are very nice and I do recommend this skirt, it's worth the money. However, since it's so expensive, I recommend waiting until Twins Day (the 11th and 22nd of every month) and buying it in multiple colors. You'll save a ton!

99bunny BLONDY & MISERY Print Sweatshirt in pink
If you're looking for a nice, warm, oversized sweatshirt, I highly recommend this! It's big and soft and very cute. I mean, SO SOFT. The quality is really nice. I can tell already I'm going to have to be VERY careful washing this so the print doesn't crack. I can never resist a pink sweatshirt. I'm pretty sure the only thing I wouldn't pair this top with is something that's also pink. I've tried out looks with my white, camel, black, sky blue, mint, and navy pleated skirts, my black gingham skirt, my navy plaid skirt, my denim skirts.....I mean, it just goes with almost anything. I would also like to reiterate that it is LITERALLY SO NICE AND SOFT.

Here are some of my favorite coords from the order!

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